Indulgent Taste: Treats from Around the World

 IMG_2257 IMG_2258One of my greatest pleasures in life is travel. From my earliest memories I have always expressed a curiosity about other cultures and had a tremendous passion for seeing foreign lands. Knowing how people live out their daily lives has been an extreme interest and fascination. Learning how individuals interact within their environment, how they dress, what they eat, and to be honest the plain allure of observation is a great purpose for traveling.

Naturally you visit a country to see the physical surroundings either as a whole or within a particular geographical area, but for me it’s the everyday life of the locals that captures my attention. I find myself defining a culture by their art and the foods they eat. I feel I have uncovered buried treasure if someone shares a recipe along with the ingredients for a dish I have enjoyed within an establishment. And, art for the sake of art is always a creative indulgence.

Travel stylishly,

4 Replies to “Indulgent Taste: Treats from Around the World”

  1. Hello Stylish Heath. So traveling is one of your life’s greatest pleasures. That may be so, but those treats in your pics could be the ultimate pleasure for me. Yummy! Nice post…………………………………..indulge stylishly……………………………


  2. Hi Steve,
    For me traveling and eating go hand in hand, and there is nothing better than the tastes of any country!! Thanks for stopping by “Stylish Heath”!!! K


  3. I have two words to share with Stylish Heath today. Memorial Day. I, too, will engage in two of my favorites. Traveling and eating…..with the emphasis on eating. The Ides of March are upon us, the grip of winter will soon fade into history. Live well!


    1. Hi Mark,
      The Ides of March will hopefully bring warmer weather, as we are now in the midst of Winter Storm Titan. I too was thinking of Memorial Day and the delicious foods that may be grilled once the ground has thawed!!!
      Stay Stylish!!! K


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