Passion for Flowers

Early dawns, long days, late sunsets and short nights ….. welcome to the beginning of summer 2020. Given the challenging moment we find ourselves living in, it’s important to experience the beauty of nature in order to stay centered. Today my dearest friend Kiwi said she’s been buying flowers lately to place throughout her home to stay uplifted, as we travel this arduous road to a new normal. I too have taken to scouring farmers markets for flowers I cannot harvest at Heath, but enjoyed the blooms above from our garden.

Here’s to bringing beauty to our lives!!!

7 Replies to “Passion for Flowers”

  1. Just beautiful! Nothing like fresh cut flowers to lift your spirits. Out hydrangeas are in full bloom here in Georgia and I cut blossoms almost everyday and bring them indoors. Your garden sounds like it it beautiful. You’ll have to post some photos of it. Have a great week. Lynn

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    1. Hi Lynn, you are absolutely right, there is nothing like fresh cut flowers dotted around the house. Our hydrangeas are finally blooming here in Northern Virginia. I’ve battled deer and torrential rain in order to have a few blooms. Hopefully, I will be able to capture a few photos of the hydrangea along with the garden.


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