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IMG_1608 IMG_1710My oldest brother has been visiting Heath from Chicago and Saturday, May 30th was his birthday. Those family members who were in town came to the house for barbecue, coleslaw, and potato salad served with iced mint tea. My brother commented on when we were younger; mom would always make these same dishes on Memorial Day along with her homemade ice cream, which was how we started summer by moving meals outdoors and cooking on the grill.

When the evening began to wind down, we moved indoors to relax in the family room to eat watermelon and watched the James Bond marathon on the Syfy channel. And, then the power went out. Yes, we are in sophisticated and well-managed county, but our electricity still comes from the telephone poles. The bordering neighborhoods have their electrical systems below ground and hardly have interruptions, but that is one of the perks of living at Heath, the electricity will go out during ice storms, thunderstorms or if someone hits one of the poles while driving. Our neighbor’s fence caught fire last year when lighting hit the poles and blew her fence right out of the ground.

But I digress, as we were without power; there was no way to access the Internet for computers or the cable system. So, we did our entertaining the old-fashioned way… by communicating with one another. And while the power was out for two hours we reminisced of past birthdays, discussed current events and then went out front to talk with our neighbors who were sharing cocktails. Overall it was the end to a perfect day; you never know what is going to happen when at Heath!!

Happy Birthday Mark,


4 Replies to “Back to Basics”

  1. Thank you Stylish Heath for a pleasant and memorable birthday. The total experience was a paradigm for aging gracefully. Spending time with family and reminiscing the good ole days is great for the mind and spirits. And let’s not forget the delicious food, fruits and dessert enjoyed by all. Lots of fun for a relaxing day!


  2. Look at that delicious meat on the grill!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm………. When the power goes out where I live, I always am reminded how basic life is when on doesn’t have electricity. But nothing like good conversation to pass the time when there is a “dark out.” Nice post Stylish Heath……


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