Destination: Japan


Team members began pre-holiday celebrations by taking a quick trip to Japan, yes you read that correctly, they were off to the Orient to relish in the natural landscapes and street scenes of Kobe, Osaka, and Tokyo before settling into the surreal season of giving with family and friends. I was immediately drawn to the evening street scenes, as there is something magical about being out at night, where the nonsensical and disjointed come together for absolute FUN!!!

Images of Tokyo Skytree Town taken from the observation tower in Sumida, Japan. Tokyo Skytree resembles a five story pagoda and is a the tallest structure in Japan. It is the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Tennōji-ku, Osaka has a sprawl of skyscrapers with a 6th century Shitennoji Temple centered around green spaces. But, this area of Horikoshicho is a retro-style, neon-lit entertainment zone where late-night crowds hit pubs and snack bars.

This age old custom of traditional dress to attend the temple for evening prayer is striking, but seeing these young ladies with their 21st century cell phones definitely adds to their charm.

Travel stylishly,



Today is the anniversary of my blog, which occurs at this wondrous time of year, the holidays! It began seven years ago while drafting notes and sketches for seasonal recipes and travel tips. I have always enjoyed reviewing art and wanted to include this topic as well. Looking back on previous post is always great fun and I have selected a few favorites to share.

an evening view of Shanghai and sunset photo from M. Van Opdorp and his FB group.

Thank you so much for your support and sharing your creative ideas!!!