Six Years

November is the anniversary month of my blog and somehow time always has way of creeping up on me. I remember drafting the first segments of Stylish Heath a year before actually posting the site. I was in the kitchen planning the Thanksgiving menu with mom so, the upcoming gathering would be enjoyable by everyone, including us……as the primary chefs. I remember jotting items into an online notebook so, we would remember recipes, and the time-frame for prepping and cooking. In this book I sketched and scanned images, while taking photographs of all that was going on around Heath…. hence the preliminary versions of the blog.

There is something nostalgic about perusing through those first post, and seeing how we have grown. Please enjoy a few photos from our travels, flowers from the garden and art from museums. I cannot believe six years has gone by so quickly.

Thank you for your support, and for sharing your wonderfully creative ideas, I absolutely love blogging and this has been a remarkable journey!!!