Holiday Lights

The weekend was spent testing recipes, baking, and addressing holiday cards. But as the evening set I put all tasks on the back burner in order to relax. In keeping with the festive spirit I began viewing photographs of Christmas’ past.

The photo on the left is in the foyer at the InterContinental Paris and the second is a foggy morning at the Reston Town Center.

Stay festive,

December Sunset

There is nothing like seeing a beautiful sunset after a long hard day at work. The building I am in has limited windows so, one never knows if it is sunny and warm, or snowy and cold.

After a day of toiling until it is difficult to think, I do enjoy exiting the building, while walking briskly and taking deep breaths of fresh air. But, this evening I saw an absolutely gorgeous sunset from the parking lot, and grabbed my phone to take a few shots before the sun quickly set.

Enjoy the season,