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Warm Holiday Wishes

From the Freer/Sackler museum in Washington DC, artist Subodh Gupta has taken basic household objects, such as brass vessels and stainless steel found in India and has comprised these items into an incredible installation called Terminal. The towers range from one to fifteen feet in height, and resemble architectural features found in mosques, temples and/or churches. The intricate thread woven throughout the structure is beautifully delicate.

From all of us at Stylish Heath have a wonderful holiday season and a most joyous New year!

Winter {December} Solstice

There’s a chill in the air, spring is still months away and those of us who live in the northern hemisphere are down to nine hours of daylight and fifteen hours of nightfall, as today is the “winter solstice”. The Earth is closer to the sun than in June, which causes our planet to orbit a little faster than average. We are getting less exposure to direct sunlight, and here in the mid-Atlantic the coldest months are yet to come.

There’s nothing like a bowl of hearty goodness to warm a chilly night so, this evening why not curl-up on the sofa with homemade beef & vegetable soup. And those of you, who happen to be up around 1am, pop outside…yes in the cold…to view the Ursid meteors in the north- northeast sky.

Stay comfortably warm,

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