Happy Mother’s Day

My beautiful mother {Irene} who is pregnant with me, along with my handsome father {Arthur}!

Mom is still the most stylishly elegant woman I know, she possessed an inner strength to nurture and raise seven children without question or regret. Kept an absolutely tasteful home and was a most gracious hostess. Mom always had a hot meal on the table every night to comfort everyone after a trying day at school or work, and still found time to volunteer her services at church, the PTA or within the community. I continue to look to mom for balance and harmony when necessary, as she is and will always be my sincerest role model.

Happy Mother’s Day to my chic older sister {Sheila}, my gorgeous niece {Shana} and my fabulous friends {Quy, Marly, Terlene and Veronica} who all have the most cherished job in the world…being mom, I admire each of you greatly.

With lots of love and kisses,

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11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Dearest K,
    So touching… Thank you K, Happy Mother’s Day to you too, eventhought you are not. For all these years you been have play all the roles that no words can explain…since I know you. God bless you my love K.


  2. Hello Stylish Heath………..what a beautiful photo of your mother and father. And your heartfelt words about your mother are touching. That’s a nice tribute about her on Mother’s Day, especially after raising 7 children. Wow!!!! Nice post. You keep it stylish as always.


    1. Dearest Choi, the response to this post has been amazing, and you are a wonderfully gracious person as well!! As always thank you so much for stopping by Stylish Heath!!


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