Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Sean and Tony have arrived in Cairo, and after a long flight the boys are rested and have begun checking out the ancient sites of this Nile Delta civilization. First on their list is a trip to the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, commonly known as the Museum of Cairo, which houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities.

A splendid array of sculptures are on display, as you move throughout the gallery from the New Kingdom {1550 to 1069 BC}, and then onto the final two dynasties with many artifacts from the Valley of the Kings. Artifacts from Thutmosis III & IV, Tutankhamun, and my absolute favorite Hatshepsut {the longest reigning female pharaoh in Egypt}.

The team are transmitting photos as I write this post so, enjoy perusing through the gallery in Cairo!

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10 thoughts on “Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

    1. Agreed, I too would have enjoyed a few labels on the sculptures, but the team indicated there were few ID’s throughout the gallery. Either that or they were so, engrossed and forgot to relay names.


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