Vals, Switzerland

Our team went to Zurich for business last week and decided to stop in Vals before returning home. A small town that lays snuggly within the Alps that has thermal baths and makes a classically recognizable water called “Valserwasser”.

The history of Vals is impressive with archeological finds from the Bronze Age around the thermal baths as well as Iron Age items on the slopes. It has been many years since I was last in this quaint village, but our team has sent back fabulous photos of the surrounding countryside.

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Year of the Pig [from Vegas]

{The Bellagio lobby and the Dragon at the Caesars}

The Lunar New Year begins at the new moon that falls between January 20thand February 20th; it is a festival that celebrates the beginning of the New Year on the Chinese calendar. Traditionally the festival was a time to honor deities as well as the ancestors, and was associated with several myths and customs. But, today popular themes used in celebrating are the red paper envelopes for giving money, along with lighting firecrackers, dragon dances, and my favorite the meticulous dishes prepared for celebrating.

{The Year of Pig celebrated at Bellagio and the Wynn Hotels in Las Vegas}

Tony is in Las Vegas enjoying the festivities at each of the hotels, while taking photos of exhibits in lobbies.

I have also begun researching a few of the symbolic dishes served during the New Year. First I want to try making dumplings for “wealth”, then noodles for “happiness and longevity” and lastly, fish “to increase prosperity”.

Celebrate stylishly,