Forbidden City, Beijing

img_0114 img_0118 img_0144Our team arrived in the Forbidden City located in the center of historic Beijing, which is an immense palace complex dating from the Ming to the end of the Qing dynasties and is now known as the Palace Museum. It covers 183 acres and is comprised of 9,999 buildings. The architecture of the walled complex adheres rigidly to the traditional Chinese practice of feng-shui. The orientation of the Forbidden City, and for that matter most of Beijing, follows a north-south line.

img_0887 img_0883Several artifacts include a gilded bronze lion at the Gate of Heavenly Purity at the entrance from the Outer Court. Artisans and builders were gathered from all over China to build this palace, while modern architects still marvel at the skill of these builders who created ornate wooden structures that have stood for almost six centuries.

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