Number Eight

NOVEMBER 10, 2020

Today marks the 8th anniversary of my blog and I consider November 10th to be one of my favorite days of the year. This blog encapsulates everything I love, and lately memories have been popping up on my phone from a trip to Cabos San Lucas summer before last.

It was a time of absolute luxury, and when viewing these photos it’s incredible to see how far removed we are from dealing with a pandemic. But, am thrilled to see on the news this evening that a possible vaccine may be forthcoming with a 90% efficacy rate to control this virus!!!

When I started this blog there were so many of you who were helpful and guiding to a new member at WordPress. It always helps to keep perspective on how things have changed over the years so; here are a few “memory photos” of travels for Stylish Heath over the years!!!!

Thank you for your support – I’m so appreciative of the community this space has created!!!

NYC: Nightlife

Lately, I find instead of venturing out on one long trip each year, it’s best to treat myself to regular long weekends. The recuperative power of a mini vacation allows me to feel like I’ve escaped the daily grind. Itineraries are created so, time is focused on what to see and do while on holiday. 

Watching the “Black Lives Matter” protest in Times Square.

Protestors in Times Square- Black Lives Matter.

Loved watching this vendor smoking hot dogs.

Enjoy your weekend nightlife by staying safe,