Harvest Moon Over Venice

October’s full moon {the Harvest Moon} was most beautiful this evening, and our team at Stylish Heath had the opportunity to view this phenomenon over the grand canals of Venice.  

As the moon rose over the horizon it appeared larger due to the refracting light. It’s orange in color, which is fitting for this time of year with pumpkins and Halloween around the corner.


The Colors of Cartagena

A 16th century port city filled to be experienced everywhere you turn. Cartagena is on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, and we walked the Old Walled Town each day with its European squares, cobblestone streets and colorful colonial buildings. The tropical climate and high humidity levels gave reason for us to stop sightseeing each day by late afternoon to relax and have cocktails at Tabaco y Ron. A quaint establishment to enjoy a light snack, cigars if you so choose and a cool drink.


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