Staying Grounded

Taking a break in the morning sunlight with a cup of coffee and a bit of soft jazz playing.

As many adjust to working from home, staying focused and motivated have become challenge. Over the last few weeks we’ve become fervent homebodies for the health and safety of ourselves and others.

Evening sunsets and homemade desserts.

Devise a routine each morning by drafting a to-do list designating times for virtual meetings, reports and conference calls. As we spend more time at home, make your work space attractive and comfortable by choosing a location with abundant sunlight and fresh flowers as your new office essentials.

Lastly, there are fewer distractions in your home so, remember to take breaks and stay stylish!


14 Replies to “Staying Grounded”

    1. Am pleased you liked the deck color! I was gardening this weekend and looked at the deck from ground level, and enjoyed seeing the brightness against the beautiful spring green.


    1. I wish you were here to sit with us on deck and enjoy coffee and jazz, the breakfast of champions. This time of year the sun shines beautifully with cool breezes and w/out the extreme humidity of summer.

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    1. It is a pleasure to meet you as well Kate. The one thing I’m enjoying about “staying home” is going outside to see the flowers bloom and wallowing in their beauty.


  1. Enjoying life in my new condo….it is absolutely everything I want and need….will be visiting Heath as soon as life returns to normal….keep the coffee warm and the jazz flowing baby….


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