Travel Dream’s

Travel restrictions are beginning to lift and there’s an undeniable sense of hope wafting throughout the air, as excitement is renewed in exploring the world. What once seemed like a fantasy, escaping for a summer holiday or a weekend getaway is now becoming a tangible reality.

Traveling has always been the perfect way to escape reality by exploring new cultures, and experiencing a change in atmosphere.

I know so many who are determined to make up for lost time, optimistically filling their calendars with favorite destinations in the upcoming months. For me, I can’t wait to explore a tropical paradise where one may learn of a past civilization, swim the ocean at any time of day or night, possibly island hop, while enjoying delicious food.

Photo’s from Baja a few years ago, where spending the day in the ocean was the most that could be accomplished.

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16 thoughts on “Travel Dream’s

  1. Ah, your post bring back memories of fonder days for sure. That magical turqoise water always calls. Your photos also make me wish I was there right NOW! 🙂 Warm wishes for safe and pleasant travels —

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  2. Photos from Baja seem very private, very few other visitors. Do you enjoy the privacy? Thinking about a similar (private) visit to my country? If so kindly get in touch, or even to get more on locations in Africa, costs, etc. Thanks. I will try look at your blogs. Saw you read mine and thought to do the same in return. Thanks. Reach out anytime.

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    1. You are most gracious and thank you for your kind words. Baja is not very private, at least we did not pay for that luxury, but I did move around to line up photos for post. All you want to do is to examine the scenery when traveling!


    2. I mean that while I cannot afford overseas travel. Many Kenyans do and it would be good to share some information about the location with them. Things like the cost of an air ticket there, room charges, types of food, type of hotels, etc. Please think about it and let me know if that makes sense.

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      1. I apologize for the delay and yes the info makes sense. My job will be tying up my time for a project until next spring, but will get in touch then.


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