An Elegant Wedding

{In the intense hours before the ceremony, bride to be Quyen Nguyen in her beautiful gown}
{This is an absolutely gorgeous photograph of Quyen, taken by her mother Quy}

Recently a very dear friend sent photographs of her daughter’s April wedding. Now normally when viewing images sent by acquaintances’ of their children I truly make every concerted effort to reserve judgement. But, I must say these classically chic ladies; the quintessential mother-daughter team made this occasion a tastefully elegant ceremony. Though I was not a participant, when Quy sent the images of this event, it really conveyed the love and admiration the family shares for one another.

My dearest friend Quy with her daughters Christie and Quyen at the church}
{Artisphere located on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia is the perfect location for a reception}
{Adam and Quyen cutting their cake made by Adam’s mother. Do you see those stylish floral bouquets in the front of the cake?}

To Quyen and Adam congratulations on your new life together, may you always experience the intense feeling of love and affection that brought you two together.

With much love,

3 Replies to “An Elegant Wedding”

  1. Hi Kathleen. What a nice tribute for your dear friend Quy and her daughter. Very nice photos of this beautiful wedding. Cheers to this lovely young couple.


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