Summer’s Last Hurrah

IMG_4296It is good to be home after experiencing the severe heat and crowds when traveling throughout Europe, and while I still have a post to share from Athens it feels great to be back at Heath.

IMG_1612 IMG_4214As summer comes to a close, I shall miss meals prepared outside on the grill and served with slices of seasonal fruit, but cannot wait to turn on the ovens to bake or the stove to cook stews and soups.

It is always thrilling to witness the transition of each season and fall has to be my absolute favorite time of the year. Perhaps it is because I am not a fan of summer’s  heat or humidity. I love the fact that soon there will be chilly mornings and evenings along with leaves rustling and the smell of wood from fireplaces. And, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that beats a crisp clear night filled with stars! Fall is almost here!!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Hurrah

  1. If this is not befitting of a summer day. This is all tempting but I must say that fall is my favorite season. But I’ll have some of the ribs and watermelon after I rake the impending leaves. Hahahahahahahahha. Nice post, K.


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