Weekend in West Hollywood

When you have 36 hours to spend in a city, you become extremely attuned to each sight, sound and the smell of fabulously prepped food. There was nothing like spending last weekend cultivating tunes to create my “West Coast” playlist with music pilfered from Uber drivers and shopkeepers alike. I learned of a new station to play on “Tunein Radio”, and haven’t stopped playing KJAZZ 88.1 since returning from our trip, and it’s the only station I want to hear after a long, hard day at work.

Andaz West Hollywood
8401 Sunset Blvd, 90069
+1 323 656 1234

The giant guitar outside the Andaz Hotel on Sunset Blvd was a beautiful sight upon returning each evening. This spot attracted legendary rockers in the mid-60s, but now serves as a gateway for the eclectic.

The Pink Taco
8225 Sunset Blvd, 90046

On Friday afternoon we kept it real and headed to the Pink Taco for lunch. They have an innovative approach to creating farm fresh food. The service was phenomenal; our waitress was adorable and most knowledgeable about the menu not to mention the sites around West Hollywood. We started with frozen margarita’s that were aptly named “Cadillac”, because it was absolutely delicious and smooth. It had a cognac based Grand Mariner, fresh squeezed lime-juice and the best tequila you can find.

Then it was the guacamole made with avocados, onion, tomato, jalapeno, lime and cilantro. Next, the taqueria’s of fried lobster served with chipotle mayo, mango habanero salsa, sliced avocado, cabbage slaw on flour tortillas. I had the Baja, which was marinated shrimp on cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo, and avocado with a very Mexican pico.

The Getty Villa and Gardens
17985 Pacific Coast Hwy., Pacific Palisades, 90272

The varieties of plants used in landscaping at the Getty Villa are akin to visiting the Mediterranean; the smell of lemons, sage and lavender while walking in the warm sun made strolling the gardens enjoyable.
I was in the outer peristyle garden that had we been in ancient Rome would have been a place to converse with guest or for solo contemplation. The refreshing reflecting pool, sculptures, wall paintings and plants made the afternoon most enjoyable.

Relax and travel stylishly,

Destination: Nowhere


Viewing the Neo-Pop aesthetics of Jeff Koons “Bouquet of Tulips” and “Balloon Rabbit and Blue Dog” were definitely a way to relax.

A few weeks ago after listening to co-workers discuss the huge amount of time they had to spend lounging at beaches and resorts this summer, it suddenly occurred to me the season had come and gone in a rapid haze. Where did the time go? Why was it difficult remembering barbecues, girls night out or sitting on the front porch with pitchers of sangria? After reviewing the calendar, I found our focus was spent renovating or repairing leaks, pipes and ceilings at Heath.Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every learning moment of the sometimes overwhelming process, but never scheduled time for myself.

Absolutely enjoying the view of such a wonderful garden and taking in a bit of sun.
As part of a plant based movement this avocado toast, offered a delicious shift from the ordinary and focused on the culinary accomplishments of this establishment.

One item I must have without fail is news, and have learned from these reports how important it is to shut out the work day in order to relax each evening. I’ve always known the importance of a good nights sleep, but recently read if we wake up a few minutes earlier each morning, this added time helps ease one into an action packed schedule, and if you use that time for meditating, writing in a journal or my personal favorite a 25 minute walk, you can clear your thoughts and focus on the events of the day.

Today, time was spent outdoors in a garden, perusing through a museum and I am not going share which city these lovely diversions took place {at least not yet, but soon}.

My focus for the cooler months is creating pockets of quality time for ME!!!