Destination: London

A few of us extended our weekend to pop over to central London for a bit of culture, fine dining and museum exhibits.  This innermost part of the city spans several boroughs with the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Tate Galleries being within walking distance of the hotel. The Royal Palaces and Parliament were right around the corner making sightseeing accessible.

The Borough Market is one of the oldest food markets in London dating back to the 12th century was a phenomenal experience. Walking through the stalls you could see specialty foods displayed and I was there for the Stilton and Morbier cheeses.

The history of London is dotted throughout the city in buildings and roadways which dates back to the Roman occupation from 43 AD to the fifth century when the Empire fell.

I always enjoy a delicious cup of tea, but on this trip I had to intersperse espresso’s into the mix with creative cookies.

Travel stylishly,

Hoppin’ New Year

Black-eyed peas and collard greens have always been a staple in our household, and my mom being a true southerner served them throughout the year…… especially on New Year’s Day. The custom of serving the peas and greens on the first day of the year stems from the belief they will bring good luck to whoever eats them. There are many recipes for cooking these beans, more popularly known as “Hoppin’ John”. My aunts and uncles each had their own style of preparing the dish.

My Aunt Glenn and my mother both would have the pots on the stove early on New Year’s Day as the meal must be eaten before midnight. Their menu was simple: black-eyed peas, ham-hocks, smoked neck-bones with ribs as a side dish and rice.

The stories and theories as to the origins of this meal is something I’m still researching and hope to share next year. But in the meantime, stay safe and have a most prosperous New Year!!!