Spring in Bloom

Finally, the first signs of spring are appearing, and after the long winter, I am just as excited as the flowers to feel the sun on my face or to push my fingers through the rich soil. Here in Northern Virginia the weather is still on the cold side of the season so, its enjoyable to head to the District of Columbia in order to experience the Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin, magnolias flowering around the Mall or seeing exotic flowers at the National Arboretum.  One of my dearest friends Kiwi enjoying the day in Washington surrounded by beautiful blooms, which affirms the arrival of spring. Witnessing this spectacular transformation of color and warmth throughout the city is the best way to spend a Saturday.


23 Replies to “Spring in Bloom”

  1. Anytime in the Washington DC area is beautiful especially when the Cherry Blossoms come out . We’ve got snow again here in New York , a late April Fools joke from Mother Nature. She didn’t get the memo that April Fool’s Day was yesterday .

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    1. Had to turn the heat back on yesterday as the temps plunged, I thought it was warming up and as you stated…..a cruel April Fool’s joke has been played by Mother Nature….the nerve of her… I mean really….enough is enough!!!!

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    1. We have a cherry tree at Heath that neighbors enjoy photographing each year, but as we live at a higher elevation than those in the District the tree won’t bloom for another few weeks. But, I will take photographs to share with you!!

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  2. In Chicago we have no blooms just yet….it’s gonna be a while! But it is spring, and hope springs eternal…..we’re due for a flush of warm weather in about eight days. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy these pleasant photos!


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