Studio YSL

During our recent visit to Paris it was inspiring to see the notebooks of Da Vinci that held hundreds of sketches and ideas on his varying interest. His expertise encompassed anatomy, engineering, astronomy, mathematics, natural history, architecture and painting to name a few areas that made Da Vinci one of the most versatile geniuses.

But, another exceptional creative power that we learned about while in this city was Yves Saint Laurent, whose fashion designs exerted an influence over most women of the world. What was intriguing are the notebooks and bookshelves of publications that served as sources of inspiration to these artists.

Musée Yves Saint Laurent 5 Avenue Marceau 75115, Paris

I was transfixed by Da Vinci’s notebooks, but when you walk through Saint Laurent’s studio one is totally mesmerized. The workspace is a bright, quiet, neutral space with a mirrored wall as a main feature so, the couturier could study a model’s reflection which offered the necessary distance for evaluating a garment. The simplicity of his desk is striking, which is a piece of plywood wrapped with muslin and set on sawhorses. Items are strewn around the desk with precious ornaments and talismans, including the walking stick of Christian Dior.

The studio setting offers an atmosphere that prevailed during preparations for a fashion show, when six or seven team members worked alongside Saint Laurent each day.

The simple elegance of Saint Laurent’s desk is absolutely exquisite! Can you imagine the socialites who perused this room to be fitted for custom made outfits?

I feel completely inspired to create an inner sanctum such as this in which to produce art.

Stay stylish,

City of Lights

The spacious rooms at the Hôtel Du Louvre are a true haven after day of serious walking and sight-seeing. The hôtel is an inviting place to return to so one may relax and contemplate in the very heart of the City of Lights. Our room overlooked the l ’Opera, which is lit up each evening as if by the magic of nightfall. Hôtel Du Louvre Place André Malraux, 75001 Paris, France +33 1 73 11 12 34

The Brasserie du Louvre is typically Parisian in atmosphere and the décor is faithful to vintage French bistros: red seats, black and white checkered floor, and white tablecloths. After a half of day of traveling, then trekking an hour from the airport it was an absolute treat to have this establishment in our hôtel.

The relaxed setting with extremely long menus made it hard to decide what to eat for dinner. But no matter where I am in this city I always enjoy a fragrant bowl of French onion soup with sherry, Gruyère cheese, and fresh thyme.

Our waiter Benoit de-boned our Sole Meunière at the table, which is sole fillets dredged in a bit of flour, pan fried in butter and served with lemon!!!

Doors from a display in the Louvre, can you imagine these lovely items in your home…possibly to partition off a living area?

Walking from the La Porte de l’Enfer or Gates of Hell, that depicts a scene from Dante’s Infereno at the Musée Rodin.

The Musée Rodin
77 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France

Enjoying a glass of wine after a day at the Musée Rodin and the Louvre.