Baja Sur Evening

The power went out the night before last around 7:30 pm. We were watching a cruise ship leave port when areas started to black-out in the marina, then up the coast towards our hotel. But, no matter we made ourselves comfortable with cocktails and watched the dynamic sunset.


ّI have been compiling a summer playlist of fabulous music while traveling throughout Cabo, and will definitely share these bumpin’ tunes!!! Even though we had no power there was still a lot to see and do!

Travel stylishly,


Post from Baja Sur

{The Cape: a Thompson Hotel in Cabo San Lucas at 6:12 this morning}

Good morning from Baja California Sur {Cabos San Lucas}, where I am partaking in the ultimate morning ritual; awakening to the sound of surf while watching the sunrise over the mountainous portion of the peninsula.  It’s wonderful taking in this scene with espresso in hand while thinking about past visits. I noticed humidity levels are much higher than in years past, and the wind whips roughly. I am absolutely enjoying these elements as this is the ultimate change of pace from the ordinary.

{Upon arrival yesterday evening, while checking into the hotel we were given a a refreshing glass of lemongrass tea with honey, and once in our rooms homemade chips and salsa were delievered to the room with guacamole … can you say “civilized“}

Stay tuned for additional post from Cabos!!!