Fall Essentials


The weather in the mid-Atlantic has become extremely chilly and the leaves have started to turn. There is such a surreal quality about Northern Virginia in the fall with so much to enjoy. Being able to turn the oven on to bake sweet potato pies, searching for perfectly shaped pumpkins, getting inspiration from art for decorating, and throwing a classic beef stew together for a delicious evening meal.

Over the weekend the family did a lot of work getting Heath ready for winter; raking leaves, putting tools & equipment away, washing blankets and throws to be placed around the house for cozy evenings.

While working on Saturday afternoon listening to Kjazz [88.1 FM] the Billy Holiday tune “Autumn in New York blared through the house. This song definitely  set to tone for comfort, and don’t forget the candied apples.

What better way to welcome the fall season!!!

Stay safe,

Celebrating Summer

Dreaming of walking the luxurious beaches of baja watching sunset.s-

I hope this post finds everyone safe and that you’re staying sane in such tenuous times. Summer has officially started and celebrations began at midnight since, July  1st is my birthday. But, the entire day has been extremely trying to say the least ….. hour after hour of hard work. So, dinner was delivered from my favorite Chinese restaurant to share with family and friends. I didn’t have time to bake a cake or pie, but will hopefully get into the kitchen when the work load lightens at Heath

Lately, I’ve been on a Sangria kick sipping this seasonal drink each evening. A delightful  punch that consist of red wine {Spanish Rioja}, sliced fruit, and every now to boost the flavor will add touch of liqueur or smattering of brandy. But this refreshingly light drink above was made with a Trefethen Chardonnay 2014, which already has the enticing aromas of Granny Smith apples, clover honey, honeysuckle and nutmeg… enjoy!!!

Love and butterfly kisses,