Photographs taken of flowers from the garden last spring

With travel placed on hold during the middle of winter, I took to designing the perfect garden with a bit of paper and pencil on a cold and windy afternoon. My love of flowers took over as I imagined what areas around the house would look like if I brought the South of France to Heath. I could see the garden in full-swing this summer, while looking through the deck doors filled with old-fashioned slub roses, potted camellias, a bit of night blooming jasmine and scented geraniums dotted around for an intensely fragrant affect.

Orange and red ranunculus have been ordered with additional hydrangeas to go around the front porch and deck to keep deer from noshing all season long.I’ve enjoyed creating this fragrant landscape, and will continue to draft and edit for the rest of summer into fall so, that I may carry this idea into the following year.

Looking forward to warmer weather,

Spring is Coming!

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You know spring is coming when the daffodil stalks push through the ground, along with the arrival of crocus on the front and sides of the house.

Yesterday, I could have been savoring the last moments of winter, but when I got in the car after work the temperature read 77 FABULOUS degrees! As I drove home with the windows down, my coat strewn over the passenger seat and “Coltrane” playing softly on the radio, and dinner had already been decided the night before since we all wanted to barbecue.

There is something magical about being outside in weather that is not overbearingly hot nor cold. You can throw together one of the easiest cocktails ever…. a wine spritzer to sip while prepping the meal.

In a pitcher pour three parts Sauvignon Blanc {or whatever white wine you prefer} to one-part sparkling water; garnish with lemon or lime, slice a peach, add a few grapes for fruity flavor..and et voilà… grilling just became enjoyable!!!

Have a great weekend,