Icons of Summer

What is it about the time between late summer and early fall that we struggle with what remains of the season; pickling cucumbers, making preserves or cultivating the garden to yield a few more flowers before early frost.

Soak up the sun & surf near any body of water, preferably an ocean or lake before losing too much light. Escape to a seaside island or spa for a weekend of relation.

There is nothing like a steamed basket of blue crabs known as “Maryland crab”, which are caught in Virginia waters off the Chesapeake Bay, sprinkled with bay seasoning makes a perfect summer meal. Watermelon is a staple in our house during the season, which is used for lunches or snacking.

Seasonal storms blow in frequently throughout the mid-Atlantic, which create a cozy atmosphere inside when it’s impossible to get outside for gardening, barbecuing, or swimming.And, no matter where I travel, I always enjoy flowers. These are in a window box in Charleston, SC near the Battery.

Enjoy what’s left of the season….stylishly!

Baja Sur Evening

The power went out the night before last around 7:30 pm. We were watching a cruise ship leave port when areas started to black-out in the marina, then up the coast towards our hotel. But, no matter we made ourselves comfortable with cocktails and watched the dynamic sunset.


ّI have been compiling a summer playlist of fabulous music while traveling throughout Cabo, and will definitely share these bumpin’ tunes!!! Even though we had no power there was still a lot to see and do!

Travel stylishly,