Taste of Baja

La Galeria Restaurant located in the Marina of Cabo San Lucas serves local style food so, we ordered the special, which was filet mignon, lobster, sea bass and shrimp with vegetables. Our chef prepped the shrimp at the table and shared the recipe as he cooked; using chunks of butter, lots of garlic, chili’s  and tequila. I love the use of tequila as a seasoning to enhance flavors or as an afternoon sip.

The seasonal menu at Flora Farms is about handmade food from ingredients grown at the farms. This freshly made burrata with tomato, herb vinaigrette and arugula was absolutely delicious, made with cheese curds from fresh milk.

Their edible flowers and herbs are grown in areas tucked around the restaurant. And, the band played at bit of rhythm and blues to country music in a most creative style.

I ate chips and salsa every single day while in Mexico, and still couldn’t get enough to eat. On our first day at The Cape Hotel they served “roasted tomato salsa” with homemade tortilla’s and guacamole with queso fresco and jalapenos that almost had me calling room-service for more. Our waiter at the pool shared the ingredients for this salsa so, will definitely be making a vat this weekend, and will post the recipe.

Enjoy the flavors,

Gardens of Hillwood

In the Lunar Lawn the magnolia blooms were breathtaking, along with spring blooming azaleas and dogwoods. This garden was designed for entertaining on a grand scale.
Foo Dog statue along the garden path.

Diana the Roman goddess of the hunt in the French Parterre garden, which are formal beds divided by paths.

This weekend was spent exploring the gardens on the Hillwood Estate in upper northwest Washington, and to see the varying gardens with greenhouses set on 25 acres that sit adjacent to Rock Creek Park are breathtakingly inspiring. For an entire day we were able to see what prominent landscape architects Umberto Innocenti and Richard Webel were able to do in capturing the vision of Marjorie Merriweather Post in 1950’s.

Their formal gardens extend from the house’s terraces and porches in a progression called “outdoor rooms”. Each area compliments the mansion’s interior spaces or design if you will so, as you stroll the grounds you see beauty all year long.

Hillwood Estate and Gardens
4155 Linnean Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008
{202} 686-5807

I have been stylishly inspired so, stay tuned for more from Hillwood!

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