October Skies

fullsizeoutput_11cd fullsizeoutput_11d0Have you ever suffered through a week that you could not wait to end? Working each day with difficult personalities that leave you completely exhausted or making decisions within your department you would prefer be made as a team. Well on my way to work Friday morning I saw a most spectacular sunrise and was able to capture the beauty of the sunlight and clouds from my phone.

While walking Saturday evening there was a Hunter Moon that glistened in the night sky right after sunset. There is nothing like taking a moment to witness these atmospheric phenomenon and ending a hectic work-week with such stylish skies!











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13 thoughts on “October Skies

  1. Nice pics at sunrise…………..October is my favorite month. I’m anxiously awaiting the fall leaves to change. So nice to see on the trees until they fall and raking begins. Lol………………………………………..

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    1. I have seen spectacular sunsets, but this is the first time I have been able to capture such a colorful sunrise!!! And, I also love the month of October with rolling leaves, heirloom pumpkins and fireplaces!!!


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