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Halloween is just about here and this time of year marks the start of the holiday season with festivities to be enjoyed over the next few months. And, to be honest I just remembered a box of glitzy decorations the other night that I couldn’t wait to place around the house.

Walking through the neighborhood this week has been a veritable treat, there is something exhilarating about being out this time of year, seeing spooky decorations that look as if they were designed for block-buster movie sets and pumpkins on front porches waiting to be carved into creative expressions.

Can you tell I love this time of year, well here are a few sites that have captured my attention and must be shared so, enjoy!!!

  1. NY Times “Food” Section, Wednesday, October 12th.
    America’s Pumpkin Queen Has a Request: Don’t Carve, Cook 
  2. National Museum of Women in the Arts: Exhibition in Washington D.C.
    No Man’s Land: Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection on view from September 30, 2016 to January 08, 2017
  3. Serious Eats Recipe for Homemade Milk Duds….. somebody stop me!!!
  4. Stargaze with EarthSky
    Keep an eye out for the South Taurids meteor shower on November 4-5 and the North Taurids on November 11-12 and remember to keep looking up!!!

Celebrate stylishly,






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