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Halloween is just about here and this time of year marks the start of the holiday season with festivities to be enjoyed over the next few months. And, to be honest I just remembered a box of glitzy decorations the other night that I couldn’t wait to place around the house.

Walking through the neighborhood this week has been a veritable treat, there is something exhilarating about being out this time of year, seeing spooky decorations that look as if they were designed for block-buster movie sets and pumpkins on front porches waiting to be carved into creative expressions.

Can you tell I love this time of year, well here are a few sites that have captured my attention and must be shared so, enjoy!!!

  1. NY Times “Food” Section, Wednesday, October 12th.
    America’s Pumpkin Queen Has a Request: Don’t Carve, Cook 
  2. National Museum of Women in the Arts: Exhibition in Washington D.C.
    No Man’s Land: Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection on view from September 30, 2016 to January 08, 2017
  3. Serious Eats Recipe for Homemade Milk Duds….. somebody stop me!!!
  4. Stargaze with EarthSky
    Keep an eye out for the South Taurids meteor shower on November 4-5 and the North Taurids on November 11-12 and remember to keep looking up!!!

Celebrate stylishly,






Halloween @ Heath

Yes, “Heath” bars and a variety of sweets were given to Trick-or-Treaters
Malcolm the cat with freshly picked pumpkins from the garden!!!

The family really pulled together to get the house ready for Halloween this year. Steve and Paul raked and mowed the lawn to get the pile of leaves off the walkway, drive and sidewalks so; the trick-or-treaters would have a clear path to the front door. Pumpkins were picked from the garden to decorate the entryway and leaves were selected to adorn baskets for candy.

Maria and I have been giving out sweets to the most adorably costumed creatures, who have been banging the doors off the hinges for lollipops and chocolates. But the kids are so well mannered, remembering to say thank you for their treats and wanting us to have a good evening.

To all Ghouls & Goblins have a Very Scary and Safe Halloween!!!


Harvest @ Heath

IMG_2032 IMG_3608As the sun sets on summer, the harvesting has begun at Heath; tomatoes have been ripening rather quickly since the end of August so, I have been creating sauces, soups and tarts in order to use up this abundance of fruit.

Whenever time allows I have been canning tomatoes in Mason jars to have available once the weather turns cold. The thought of losing these gorgeous gems is hard to fathom, but with the sage advice of my mom, who told me to place the whole, freshly picked tomato into zippered plastic bags and place them in the freezer until needed is sheer genius. Then when we need crushed tomatoes, I can take a few out of the bag, let them thaw, which has similar effect to that of blanching.  The skins split, and slip off easily, leaving the pulp ready to be incorporated into creative and tasty recipes.

IMG_2039 IMG_3622As for the squash and pumpkins they are growing rather prolifically on the vines. The huge leaves are a foot in diameter and the gorgeous yellow flowers are still vibrant in color and quite tasty in salads or battered and fried for a snack. I am waiting for the rinds to thicken a bit and the color to deepen to orange so; they will be perfect as Halloween decorations.

Garden stylishly,