Weekend in LA

The weekend started early by taking Friday off to enjoy a touch of beauty in the way of culture. It was time for an escape from the ordinary to see a bit of art, experience tasty dishes and to reset my frame of mind.

First on the list was the Getty Villa off the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The museum specializes in ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan art. The gardens are absolutely gorgeous and the most inviting areas of the compound, and as you hike to reach the galleries, flowers are growing along path that release a wonderful scent.

I jotted down ideas for planting the herb garden for next year at Heath.

Stayed tuned for more from LA.

Long Weekend in NYC

In mid-August a few of us boarded Amtrak in DC’s Union Station for a long weekend in New York. We were there to take in sights, along with one or two art exhibits. Time being limited to three days; it was imperative that we draft an itinerary with options for alternative sites and multiple reservations to shape the weekend.

These mosaics in the subway are gorgeous works to view while waiting for the train.The Empire State Building lit up after sunset.

Rarely shown drawings by Paul Cézanne were on display at MoMA with over 250 works in pencil and layered washes of watercolor revealing how drawing shaped his modern vision. I loved seeing sketchbooks and notebooks of the hills of Mont Sainte-Victoire where Cézanne hiked daily to sketch landscapes and still-lives.

When in SoHo there’s nothing like lunching at Ladurée to relax after perusing art exhibits and to enjoy macarons from their Parisian bakery.

Travel safely,