French Theme

105_0511 105_0509 {Bronze sculpture of Neptune in the Versailles gardens and a bronze urn in the formal gardens}
I have many passions in life, but do love all things French. My devotion to eighteenth century art history and architecture is unwavering and I can remember while studying painting in college, it just felt right to focus on this period with all it’s toile, gilt and candelabras.

105_0508As I pour through garden catalogs and seed books, I have decided to lay out the gardens at Heath in a similar fashion to that of Versailles. Of course, I have no intention of moving vast amounts of earth or hiring a team of gardeners to work with me to create this vision. But, I do admire the details that have gone into the layout of the flowerbeds, fountains and the Orangerie. Remembering the botanical grounds and attempting to relay this beauty into my own garden will be a definite challenge. Envisioning the strong colors and textures of the flora, I cannot wait to get into the library to research the herbs and vegetables that were grown in the Court{s} of Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette.

Stay tuned and garden stylishly,


4 Replies to “French Theme”

  1. Wonderful pictures of French sculptures and verdant flora. I’m sure your garden will be a delight also so enjoy your pursuits. Warm weather is still imminent…..although it’s hard to tell.


  2. Hello Stylish Heath. That is one spectacular sculpture of Neptune, god of the sea. So impressive. Awesome pic’s you took of the formal gardens. I can’t even fathom how many meticulous gardener’s it takes to keep these shrubs and grounds looking like this. Stylish Heath…………could your garden at Heath look like this on a much smaller scale, maybe??????. lol……………remember garden stylishly regardless of what you delve into.


    1. It took a lot of soldiers and man power to move earth and to plant trees from all over France to Versailles. But, I will do my best to garden stylishly, while laying out the plans for the spring and summer gardens at Heath.


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