Icy Wonderland

IMG_1101 IMG_1097{Ice coating the trees and ground}

While the weather outside has been frightful, we in the mid-Atlantic have been experiencing our first wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet and a bit of snow from Winter Storm Dion. The icy rain has caused power outages within the area, and I spent the day trying to stay ahead of the electricity possibly going out. I prepped a substantial amount of comfort foods yesterday in case I could not use the stove by roasting and then slicing a turkey breast; heating noodle soup to go in a thermos and lastly slicing cheeses to eat with crackers. For dessert there was sweet potato pie left over from Thanksgiving.

IMG_1112By battening down to keep out the frigid cold here are a few shots of storm.


Stay warm,

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8 thoughts on “Icy Wonderland

  1. Thanks for the weather update Stylish Heath. Stay warm and I’ll cross my fingers that your electricity stays on. We have similar conditions in Pittsburgh. Brrrrrrr very cold!


  2. Stylish Heath. What a wintery wonderland you’ve displayed. Those pics are beautiful and the untouched snow is always so scenic. I’m getting in the mood for holiday cheer and of course no snow shoveling for me here where I live. Nice post and keep the pics coming. Love em’……………………..


  3. Well I have good news and bad news for you Stylish Heath. The good news is that you missed out on a blizzard like storm with 4″ of snow and 30 mph wind gusts.that blasted Chicago yesterday. The bad news? The same system will visit northern Virginia late tonight and tomorrow. All in all just another day in the life.


    1. Our electricity went out around 4:30 am and was out for most of the day so, I am glad to have the heat back on!! We have been watching the weather forecast with information on this next storm … and round two is moving in already!!! I saw those wind gust you had in Chicago as they interviewed people around the lake.


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