IMG_2167{Winter Poinsettias}

When the twelfth and final month of the year arrives so, does the greatest concentration of holiday observances. Beginning with Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and do not forget those who will assemble at Stonehenge for the winter solstice to celebrate the shortest day {light} of the year. December definitely has a festive air which makes it easy to snuggle down and feel gloriously comfortable.

I have already begun compiling a series of “Jazzy Holiday” playlists so; music will be permeating the house while decorating, cooking or just ending a long day after shopping and/or work. Several boxes of tasteful cards have been chosen to send to friends and family that do not impose idealistic views and I have picked up several large poinsettias to decorate a few rooms. I am not into a great deal of glitz and flash, mind you I am drawn to all that glitters, but preferably not in home that will be eventually overrun with family and pets over the next few weeks.

And it is crucial for me to start the holiday season by purchasing several boxes of “chocolate covered cherries” to share immediately, and since work takes precedence it is hard to whip-up homemade candy recipes until a weekend presents a bit of time. But, I can never resist this classic recipe of delicious dark chocolate and juicy cherries in a fabulously sweet fondant.

I have been collecting and receiving recipes from friends, storing them on my computer and in files all year long. Now comes the fun part of sorting through the various ingredients to make the most scrumptious meal of the holiday season.

Stay festive!!!!

6 Replies to “December”

  1. Happy Holidays Stylish Heath. When I think about the month of December I’ve always pictured poinsettias throughout the home as the start of the holiday season. To me a festive feeling to begin the season. That is one beautiful plant. My second favorite next to the dahlias you have in one of your fall posts. Nice post…….tis the season!!!!!!!


  2. Hi K,
    Christmas count down, the year almost over…look back… what are we accomplished for this year.Thank you for your friendship,Happy Holidays to you and Family,love your blog K.
    Always look forward to seeing you!


    1. Hi Kiwee,
      Happy Holidays to you as well, I cannot believe this year has gone by so quickly! But, we will soon have another year to conquer and as friends we will get through it all!!!!


  3. Happy holidays Stylish Heath. It has been a good year and I have enjoyed all your posts. It sounds like you have a plan to make your holidays festive to be enjoyed with family and friends. I look forward to a very Merry Christmas with all of the family.


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