December Wonderland

 IMG_1125{Ice intensifying the colors of the plants outside, look at the shades of green}

Here are additional pictures from the second round of Winter Storm Dion that deposited about five inches of snow around our area here in Northern Virginia. Federal Government offices were closed in the District of Columbia; tree damage and power outages were prevalent and schools closed so, that we could batten down for the morning to wait out the remainder of the storm with a second cup of coffee.

IMG_1130{Ice clinging to the “crepe myrtle”}

IMG_1155The concentration of the storm around 9:00 this morning, look at the ice bending the bamboo plants in the background.

IMG_2237As the sky cleared around 1:50 this afternoon, most of the neighbors were out shoveling snow and ice off the sidewalks and driveways.

IMG_1169A stylish sunset rounded out the beauty of the day, and to see the gorgeousness of these clouds, one could not imagine how cold it actually is outside.

Stay warm,

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6 thoughts on “December Wonderland

  1. These are spectacular pictures depicting the fury of the storm while simultaneously conveying the beauty and majesty of mother nature. It was bad here in Chi-town but not quite as debilitating as the East coast. Oh well! At least it’s not as destructive as the storm embedded in the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. 🙂


  2. Hello Stylish Heath. What a nice sequence the pics are in. You start off with the early morning icy/wintry storm pic and end with that captivating sunset as the storm moves out. Wonderful photos you took and I really love the first pic with the variant shades of green despite the obvious cold conditions. I hope you made it through this wintry storm unscathed. Hope your style didn’t take a slide. Lol……..


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