Winter Storm Toby

The team arrived back to the States from Shanghai and Singapore just in time for Winter Storm Toby. The east coast was besieged with ice, wind and snow. Lately, have you noticed this wind, and I am not referring to those of you in Chicago. Seriously, what is with this turbulence? Our power was out for three and half days because, of the wind two weeks ago. I am so over winter, and dreaming of warmer weather and cooking outdoors!!!

Here are few of my favorites photos from yesterday morning, as the mid-Atlantic took the first hit from Toby.

Stay warm,

Comforting Winter Foods

IMG_1436 IMG_1441Battening down in the kitchen during rigorous Winter Storm Wiley to prep and cook comfort foods is the best way to spend a snowy day. I had a turkey that was the perfect start to the meal with sourdough bread that was lightly toasted to make a delicious sage, rosemary and thyme dressing, along with the final dish, which was a luscious broccoli-cheese casserole.

IMG_2151The best thing about this meal will definitely be the left-overs for lunches tomorrow. Not to mention the individual turkey pot-pies for dinner.

Plan your meals stylishly,


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