Peace is Power

Yoko Ono is a thought-provoking artist whose work challenges us to be aware and to look more closely at the world around us. While at the Met a few weeks ago I became better acquainted with Ono’s work as part of the city’s vibrant avant-garde during the late 1950’s, and working at the forefront of the 1960’s movement Fluxus. Fluxus is an international community of artists, designers, and poets who opposed the exclusion of the everyday from art. Don’t you just love the idea of including art in the everyday…..YES!!!

This installation covers the walls and ceiling space with blue sky, which I am told is a recurring motif in her art. The title of this work, PEACE is POWER appears across the windows in 24 languages, and it was great to see people taking photo’s of themselves in front of their native language.

This work is Yoko Ono’s latest segment in the artist’s collaboration with the Museum.

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Retrospective in Minimalism

It was an experience to be first in line at the Museum of Modern Art [MoMA] Saturday before last to see exhibitions and having the museum to ourselves. Many in line were members who had not been in a gallery for months and couldn’t wait to see art.

The Judd Retrospective explored the remarkable vision of the artist who expressed a commitment to basic forms free of metaphorical or expressive intent …. Minimalism at its finest!!!

Untitled 1963, Red paint on aluminum and Untitled 1966, Turquoise paint on aluminum

Untitled 1965, Galvanized iron

This is the artist first “stack” format consisting of boxes hung vertically along the wall.


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11 West 53 Street, Manhattan