Bonne Année 2014

IMG_2320{Quy’s battered chicken breast with flour and breadcrumb coating along with shrimp tempura and chocolate covered strawberries. The perfect New Year treats!}

There is something about ringing in a new year that signifies the strongest sense of hope in us all. Every expectation and desire that was not or could not be met in the previous year has the opportunity of resurfacing with plans of being attained as new goal. All that we have coveted, longed for or were not able to grasp in the past year may now be within our reach at the change of the calendar.

For the most part I am not overly superstitious, but have been known to cook a pot of black-eyed peas and collard greens at the start of the new year for good measure one can never be too careful. A very dear friend stated today that we are still in the season for sharing, joy, eating and happiness not necessarily in that order, but it gives the end of the year a certain karmic vigor.

Instead of writing resolutions to use as a plan for the upcoming year, I have been reminiscing on a few basis pleasantries that I have enjoyed. Firstly, there is always the invite to my friend Quy’s home to sample her fabulous cooking. This is a woman who creates miracles while in the kitchen and each time you are in her home always has a delicious treat to share. She even preps lunch for her co-workers on a regular basis and should honestly start her own lunch-truck, as she would do extremely well.

My most indulgent pleasure by far is walking after sunset surrounded by the crisp cold winter nights looking up at the sky to see brightest of twinkling stars. As I have indicated in previous post I do my best thinking while enveloped by the night as if were a cozy blanket and find inspiration in each long stride while breathing deeply and viewing the constellations of the season.

IMG_3409{Collard greens to bring luck or rather money into the New Year}

Each year my neighbors and friends outdo each other with elaborate celebrations and parties, and trust me I would like to compete and be in there partying hearty along with them, but this year have decided on staying in with family and a few friends for a New Years Day lunch. And yes, you guessed the menu; Hoppin’ Johns better known as black-eyed peas, collard greens and corn bread which is a traditional southern meal.

However you decide to bring in the New Year; in front of roaring fire with a bottle of champagne, in Times Square or with neighbors, please stay safe and have fun stylishly!!

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8 thoughts on “Bonne Année 2014

  1. Happy New Year Stylish Heath!!!!!! Cheers (toasting) to you and your blog. What a nice post to end this year. Oh my……the food looks so good in the pic. I like how it’s laid out on the table. Quy and you have that certain style that I like and I can’t help notice the great photography in the photo. I hope you have a safe and wonderful New Year holiday and keep up the stylish posts in 2014. Cheers to Stylish Heath…………….


    1. Hi Steve,
      Quy is the epitome of “style and grace” and is the most gracious hostess. I am constantly learning from her, which is fun. I hope you too have prosperous and adventurous New Year. Happy 2014!!!


  2. Happy New Year Stylish Heath. Sounds like some delicious southern style foods will be devoured. Enjoy them and live life to it’s fullest in 2014. Be humble, be happy and expect the best. In the grand scheme of things life is but a fleeting moment in a universe full of life.


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