Stylish Favorites 2.16.14

IMG_2227Winter has taken its proverbial toll on the majority of us who live In the United States. We have been snowed upon with a bit of ice and freezing rain thrown into the mix not once but quite a few times this season.  But, as we look forward to warmer weather there are a few hidden treasures to be found in the frigid cold to make even this harsh winter bearable.

IMG_1317{The Dying Gaul: An ancient Roman Masterpiece from the first or second century AD}

National Gallery of Art {Washington DC}
Just before the Winter Storm Pax pushed two rounds of heavy freezing rain, sleet and snow across our region, I popped into the National Gallery of Art primarily to see two exhibitions: Heaven and Earth: Art of the Byzantium and The Dying Gaul before each left the gallery in March. The Dying Gaul is an ancient Roman masterpiece from the Capitoline Museum in Rome, which will be returning on March 16, 2014 and the pieces from the Art of Byzantium will be returning to various Greek collections on March 2, 2014. I was able to capture a shot of the Dying Gaul, which was created in the first or second century AD and is one of the most renowned works from antiquity. This exhibition marks the first time this piece has left Italy since Napoleon’s armies took the sculpture to Paris in 1797 and where it was on display at the Louvre until 1816.

IMG_2380{Winter White Sangria}
Ford’s Fish Shack {Ashburn}
As always it is a true treat to meet up with the girls for a bite to eat and to sip some classy drink. This was Ford’s Fish Shacks version of a “Winter White Sangria” made with a splash of peach Schnapps, Triple Sec and loaded with fresh fruit…. and was so absolutely delicious, I ordered two!!!
IMG_2382 IMG_2459{Collard greens with a few seasonings of neck-bones and ham-hocks along with the beginning of hamburger soup}

Home Cooking
As we were constantly getting hit with freezing rain and sleet, the worry over the electricity going out was upper most in our minds. So, I was off to the kitchen to cook and get hot food into thermal containers just in case the power went out!!

Stay warm stylishly,

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8 thoughts on “Stylish Favorites 2.16.14

    1. I hope when it is winter in Poland you can have as much fun. So many of my friends are completely over the snow and ice, but personally I could use one more day off, which will keep me home to cook in the kitchen. I


  1. Hello Stylish Heath. What a delightful post you created on this cold, snowed in evening. Inspiring pics of food, spirits, art and scenery. The Dying Gaul is absolute perfection. What a piece of art. Unbelievable……that is priceless to me, as is the hamburger soup. As usual nice post Stylish Heath…………cudos to you.


    1. I appreciate your creative eye, The Dying Gaul is truly fabulous to view in the rotunda of the National Gallery of Art. The lighting is focused on this marble masterpiece when you enter the dark entryway of the gallery giving it an ethereal glow.


  2. We have been witness to quite the untoward winter here in Chicago and it is a pleasure to see such soothing pictures of art, food and spirits. It’s been many moons since I visited the National Gallery of Art so the sculpture of The Dying Gaul opens a flood of fond memories for me. The vittles seem to be calling out to me also. Merci beaucoup!


    1. Several of our storms came from the west via Chicago with another brewing tonight. There are a few more treasures I would like to view at the National Gallery of Art and will post an update!


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