Taste of Pittsburgh


When shopping the Strip District, I find myself longing to peruse the aisles of the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co so, as not to miss items that cannot be purchased from home. I bought several packages of the LavAzza coffee for weekends or special evenings at Heath. Their deli meats {Soppresatta, and Capicola}, the cheeses {Asiago and Reggiano Parmigiano}, are perfect for before meal appetizers, and I appreciate the pasta choices without having to travel to Italy.

A giant “hamburger cake” with all the trimmings from Oakmont Bakery!! Can you imagine serving this treat at a barbecue with lots of ice cream?
This “strawberry shortcake” in miniature portions was perfect for our dinner.


Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.
010-2012 Penn Avenue,
“Strip District”, 15222
{412} 227-1982

Oakmont Bakery
1 Sweet St, Oakmont, PA 15139
{412} 826-1606


4 Replies to “Taste of Pittsburgh”

  1. OMG!! Mmmmmmmmm…………………Can you imagine a cheese tasting event in the cheese section of that shop. I’d have cheese everywhere on me and on the floor. Fantastic pics.

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