Taste of Pittsburgh


When shopping the Strip District, I find myself longing to peruse the aisles of the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co so, as not to miss items that cannot be purchased from home. I bought several packages of the LavAzza coffee for weekends or special evenings at Heath. Their deli meats {Soppresatta, and Capicola}, the cheeses {Asiago and Reggiano Parmigiano}, are perfect for before meal appetizers, and I appreciate the pasta choices without having to travel to Italy.

A giant “hamburger cake” with all the trimmings from Oakmont Bakery!! Can you imagine serving this treat at a barbecue with lots of ice cream?
This “strawberry shortcake” in miniature portions was perfect for our dinner.


Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.
010-2012 Penn Avenue,
“Strip District”, 15222
{412} 227-1982

Oakmont Bakery
1 Sweet St, Oakmont, PA 15139
{412} 826-1606


Strip District: Pittsburgh

The “Strip District” in Pittsburg is a vibrant area of converted warehouses, old style grocers and gourmet shops where one can indulge in classic Italian eateries, spice shops or seafood markets. We loaded up on Asiago cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni calzones, and calamari salad. Wholey’s Market offers the best lobster rolls and soft-shelled crab sandwiches. Penzey’s Spices is the best place to get specialty spices that may be difficult to get in your own neighborhood. Roxanne’s Dried Flowers offered so many ideas and arrangements on how to decorate your home with natural items. I came away with “nasturtiums seeds”, eucolyptus plants and a few ideas for floral arrangements.

The faded signs from companies long gone add a charm to the city in and around the “strip district”, and even those businesses still in service are fun to peruse!

Bloody Mary’s with soft-shelled crabs, spicy shrimp and olives at Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille.
Shopping for fresh fruit at Wholey’s Market to have in the hotel room.
No matter what city we are in, there is nothing like hot “roasted peanuts”,  they are a great snack while shopping or sightseeing!

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IMG_2566My brother Paul is in Pittsburgh for a long weekend and attended the Steeler’s game Thursday evening. When leaving the stadium he made a wrong turn and ended up on Mount Washington and thought we would enjoy this image of nightlife!!!

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