The Taste of Thanksgiving

IMG_2714IMG_2509Thanksgiving has arrived and as we are being consumed by the hectic craziness of the holiday season, time appears to be a luxury that most cannot afford. Days have become frenetically involved with meetings; taking care of Heath or testing savory dishes to serve over the holidays. But, today we are going to stop for a few moments to give thanks and appreciate the company of one another.

Last week after an extremely late meeting I came home to relax by walking several miles. This is a necessary step to help clear my mind after a hectic day and while walking my thoughts wandered. As I moved through the neighborhood I began to think of all for which I was grateful, when all of a sudden I was back in second grade…. {don’t laugh} remembering a story our class read called Nail Soup, which goes like this:

A beggar stops at a cottage that belongs to a grumpy old lady, hoping to scrounge a bed for the night. The woman offers him the floor and insists there’s no food in the house. “In that case,” declares the traveler, “I’ll have to share what I’ve got with you.” He pulls a rusty old nail from his pocket and starts to make — nail soup! All it needs is a garnish or two. The woman’s neighbors stop by adding vegetables, meats and spices to the pot. And, before the end of the story everyone has contributed all the necessary items to make a delicious pot of soup.

I would read this heart-warming tale over and over thinking how clever this beggar had been to bring people together over a meal for which they could all be thankful. 

Have an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving holiday!







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