Decade Favorites

I cannot believe all that has been accomplished over the course of a decade, the amazing work done by our team leaves me speechless—–the magical fun of impromptu traveling —–testing recipes with ingredients from the garden—-or having a wonderful time lunching with the girls. 2019 is a year I will always remember, as we welcomed our newest member of the family……10 month old Elijah who is too adorable for words. Here are a few favorites from over the years.

Photographs of beaches that I refer to when the work week gets rough; Greece on the left and Baja on right.

Gardens from our travels in England that are used to inspire beds at Heath.
In the Borghese Gardens after arriving in Rome last year without luggage.

The newest member of our family; Elijah who is now 10 months old and doing his best to walk and talk.

The “Christian Dior” exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
I love these window boxes that are found in Charleston, SC, the flowers are always beautiful.


Enjoy the Roaring 20’s,

2 Replies to “Decade Favorites”

  1. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to Stylish Heath………..Keep the great blogging coming. Nice photos as usual but I’ll admit that Elijah steals the show. He is an absolute gem.

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