Heath neighborhood during the Thanksgiving full moon.

Thanksgiving weekend has come to an end and after another day of cooking, I am curled up with a glass of wine contemplating all for which I am thankful. I feel no matter how busy we are there is always time to contemplate and to be grateful.

The nightly news used to be a program that was watched to stay informed while prepping dinner, but lately daily events from around the world have become terrifying. It’s saddening to know people have lost so much to fire, war and hate or viewing adults finding it easy to mistreat one another, all for the sake of money.

As, I sit pondering the vicissitudes of hate; the bottom line is we must be good to one another no matter someone’s skin color or religious preference. Work to be perceptive and decent when dealing with others, and always be available to assist when needed.

I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday,

4 Replies to “Giving”

  1. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I really like that photo of your neighborhood. I would walk that street a thousand times to take my mind off the riff raff in the world. What a nice view that is. Happy Holidays.

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    1. ‘Tis the Season’ and Happy Holliday’s to you as well. Life can become too much with the of the world, and nothing alleviates griff like walking throughout the neighborhood, and the view is very much a part of meditative walk.


  2. I use to watch the news more than I do now for all the reasons you note, so sad and why can’t news be more uplifting? There’s a lot of good that happens in this world, not much seems to be news worthy when it comes to good deeds it seems.

    I love your photos, we had a WONDERFUL holiday weekend, and am thankful and grateful for so much, like you! – Diana ❤️

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    1. Diana, thank you so much for your most kind words, and am pleased you had wonderful holiday weekend. To stay centered in these trying times, I enjoy maintaining traditions and incorporating new ones into decorating the house, compliling playlist and testing recipes.

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