Heath neighborhood during the Thanksgiving full moon.

Thanksgiving weekend has come to an end and after another day of cooking, I am curled up with a glass of wine contemplating all for which I am thankful. I feel no matter how busy we are there is always time to contemplate and to be grateful.

The nightly news used to be a program that was watched to stay informed while prepping dinner, but lately daily events from around the world have become terrifying. It’s saddening to know people have lost so much to fire, war and hate or viewing adults finding it easy to mistreat one another, all for the sake of money.

As, I sit pondering the vicissitudes of hate; the bottom line is we must be good to one another no matter someone’s skin color or religious preference. Work to be perceptive and decent when dealing with others, and always be available to assist when needed.

I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday,

Thanksgiving 11.28.13

IMG_0866{Seasonal savories & spices used to cook the holiday meal; onions, bay leaves, leeks, sage and rosemary from the Heath Garden}

In relation to the fall and winter holidays Thanksgiving is the least climatic of all since, you do not have to dress in costume, decorate the house in twinkling lights or shop for gifts. It is the one holiday that demands only one thing that we stop, take time to be with our loved ones, and share with those who are not as fortunate.

Around our house the day is quite casual with family and pets entirely underfoot. Everyone is gathered within the kitchen where delicious aromas emanate, and though the atmosphere is truly relaxed an extra place setting can easily be set to welcome friends without breaking our stride. Since, we are  we are tied to traditions that involve certain foods, colorful story-telling or listening to joyous holiday music, we can remember to be grateful for all we have and to be thankful for our loved ones.

I would like to wish everyone a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!