The Austin Effect

36 hours in Austin and having a wonderful time!!!
Texas Capital Building at 1100 Congress Ave., 78701

As soon as one step’s off the plane, Austin’s charm is truly apparent. People who live here are anxious to share their favorites spots with those who have never been, or those returning to enjoy the eclectic Texas culture. You will see signs or hear the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”, which is not to say Austinites are not eerie, strange, creepy or freaky.

Téjanos in Repulic of Texas 1836-1845 at the Capital Building in Austin
Sixth Street « live » on Friday night with people, food and of course lots of fab music!!!

It took a day or two before realizing the implications of the terminology, and culitvated my interpretation. As you walk out of elevators everyone says to have a great day; the mix of cultures is a beautiful site, especially with Mexico as a neighbor, Uber drivers are a plethora of information when it comes to the best food and no one, I repeat no one is ugly or difficult in this town. 

People are unbothered with what you are doing, it is such an unpretentious metropolis. No one is keeping up with the “joneses”, there is no need for enclaves or restricted communities. Everyone in Austin maintains a fabulous “uniqueness” for themselves and not society.  

Stay tuned, as there is more to share on food and art galleries.

Travel stylishly,


5 Replies to “The Austin Effect”

  1. I like your photos of Austin. I especially like the graceful pic of you. Very nice and I hope you had a wonderful time. Nice Post……….


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