Vestiges of Spring

The first vestiges of spring are finally here, and I am hopeful that winter is finally behind us. Lately, in the mid-Atlantic, we have had the right elements for a gorgeous spring, such as rain to quench the parched earth and seeing cardinals, blue jays and robins flitting about the trees. Wild flowers are blooming in vivid colors around wooded areas, pastures and along-side the roads.

But, what I am enjoying most are the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, along with the flowers that have made their way above ground. This is the first weekend where there was not frigid rain pounding down, keeping everyone indoors. Today’s weather has been perfect so, I grabbed the camera and made my way around the grounds checking on the vibrant flowers that have risen.

Garden stylishly,





6 Replies to “Vestiges of Spring”

  1. I am so ready for spring this year along with seeing the vibrant colors in store. Hibernation time has ended and spring time chores await. Chop…Chop……Nice colorful photos.


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