Spring is Coming!

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You know spring is coming when the daffodil stalks push through the ground, along with the arrival of crocus on the front and sides of the house.

Yesterday, I could have been savoring the last moments of winter, but when I got in the car after work the temperature read 77 FABULOUS degrees! As I drove home with the windows down, my coat strewn over the passenger seat and “Coltrane” playing softly on the radio, and dinner had already been decided the night before since we all wanted to barbecue.

There is something magical about being outside in weather that is not overbearingly hot nor cold. You can throw together one of the easiest cocktails ever…. a wine spritzer to sip while prepping the meal.

In a pitcher pour three parts Sauvignon Blanc {or whatever white wine you prefer} to one-part sparkling water; garnish with lemon or lime, slice a peach, add a few grapes for fruity flavor..and et voilà… grilling just became enjoyable!!!

Have a great weekend,

Vestiges of Spring

The first vestiges of spring are finally here, and I am hopeful that winter is finally behind us. Lately, in the mid-Atlantic, we have had the right elements for a gorgeous spring, such as rain to quench the parched earth and seeing cardinals, blue jays and robins flitting about the trees. Wild flowers are blooming in vivid colors around wooded areas, pastures and along-side the roads.

But, what I am enjoying most are the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, along with the flowers that have made their way above ground. This is the first weekend where there was not frigid rain pounding down, keeping everyone indoors. Today’s weather has been perfect so, I grabbed the camera and made my way around the grounds checking on the vibrant flowers that have risen.

Garden stylishly,