Enjoying February

We are in the thick of winter and at times the frigid weather feels unending. Days are still short and sunlight is rare, but last week a warm front came through the mid-Atlantic. We went out to clear the yard of debris and mulched a few areas. I was thrilled to see daffodil shoots pushing through the ground indicating springs arrival in a few weeks.

I’m always pleased to dally about in the kitchen …..creating, and the cool air of February gives call for bread baking or pickling onions. Grocery store prices are rising, but once in a while they stock items I love using, such as “fingerling” potatoes.

Stay tuned,

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4 thoughts on “Enjoying February

  1. A delightful post. There is a sweet comfort in baking, cooking, pickling and even washing dishes when the weather outside is uninviting. The ordinary, often taken for granted things begin to sparkle when work becomes play. You look like you are en-joy-ing it all. 😍🤩🤗💕✨

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