Island LIving

The days appear to be passing by but there is still time to get out and enjoy summer! I don’t necessarily treasure the long days and sunshine like I did in my youth, the thought of being in direct sunlight gives me the “willies”, but it is important to take time for yourself.

Our recent trip to Belize presented an opportunity for each of us to reset, unwind and just enjoy the spectacular opportunities offered, such as snorkeling, hiking the jungle or relaxing on the beach. Walking through the town of San Pedro or in Belize City you observe a diverse society that’s composed of many cultures and languages ….reflecting the countries rich history.

While at “Secret Beach” on Ambergris Caye we found a quiet spot with very few people, excellent food, and crystal blue waters with no sargassum [sea grass].

It was great seeing people travel again after being cooped up due to the pandemic. We all deserve to get away and with safety precautions in place it can be accomplished. Don’t let packing and traveling feel foreign, I surprised myself by keeping up with the patterns of the airport!!!


7 Replies to “Island LIving”

  1. I bet that was so much fun getting away after the entire world was essentially on lockdown. That first photo says it all. That is absolutely beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful excursion. Nice pics………….and post.

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  2. Fantastic, these are amazing pictures….my barber for the past 32 years is from Belize and we have an amazing camaraderie….we have long conversations on a variety of issues and enjoy each other’s conversation immensely….he’s my man and has always told me I would love to travel to Belize….

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  3. Kathleen. we all have a fantasy island in our dream world. We wish to grab time. Box it up and tuck it away for those days when everything seems too much. You have experienced the dream. One that will sustain you through difficult times in the real world. Brilliant! Cheers Virginia

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