When you work in a building that pumps arctic air throughout the week, one begins to dream of beaches with sunny shores. There’s something about spending time outdoors regardless of the heat and humidity, Fast forward to Friday morning, where a few of us packed our bags and took advantage of the perfect getaway. Flying to Belize City, then taking a cargo plane to the island of San Pedro was a trip in itself….. no pun intended. Once airborne you see islands surrounded by gorgeous azure blue water, and relaxation sets in. You want to slow down and do very little outside of walking to the beach to watch the sun set.

Travel safely,

4 Replies to “WEEKEND BY THE SEA”

    1. We landed in Belize City, then took a six passenger plane to the island of San Pedro. To keep from feeling concerned about such a small craft I looked out the window and started the blog post photo-shoot.


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