Sunday Brunch

Precious moments very often slip by unnoticed, such as enjoying a productive afternoon in the garden, a rainy summer evening at the beach or those days when the girls got together for lunch and conversation. Why must we wait for nostalgic flashbacks to appreciate the value of enchanting moments?

Brunch on the patio at Ladurée was a phenomenal treat, to relax without the extremes of politics, weather or hatred. There were only a few people out and about making it perfect to practice social distancing. Reservations were made for 11:30AM to eat in the courtyard surrounded by trees, and balmy breezes. It was glorious sitting in the shade sipping a coffee and enjoying the gruyere quiche.

Laduree SoHo
396 W Broadway
NYC, 10021

Stay safe,

7 Replies to “Sunday Brunch”

    1. I truly appreciate your kind words and thank you for your comment. I’ve always enjoyed writing and attempt to challenge myself every once in while with an acceptable blog post!!!


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