Weekend Living

Before heading outdoors this morning I perused through a few photos for inspiration from gardens visited in the past. My eye stopped in Marrakech to view the landscaped areas of Jardin Majorelle the estate of Yves Saint Laurent.  I am always intrigued by native varieties of plants within a region. The blue and green tiled patio in this photo had a pink trumpet vine {Podranea riscasdiana} cascading down into the square to create a refreshing contrast with the hot arid climate. There were also an abundance of Barbary figs and prickly pears {Oputiaspp} planted towards the exit of the museum, which are native to Mexico but commonly found in Morocco.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than rising early on a beautiful weekend morning to walk around the garden, armed with a cup of strong coffee and my camera. Photographing the day to day changes is an exciting way of recording a season, which is also a useful tool in planning for the next year. I can also never resist cutting a few colorful blossoms to place in vases or picking fresh herbs to enhance the flavors of lunch or dinner.

After a busy day of trimming trees, planting peonies, clearing debris from the yard, there is nothing like ending a busy Saturday with an old fashioned barbecue of hamburgers and hot dogs. As, I am not a beer drinker, there is nothing like a Cabernet sauvignon to sip as the sun goes down.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe,

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  1. The peonies you have are absolutely beautiful. Double flowering too, huh? Mmmmmmmm burgers on the grill is just about my all time favorite food. Very nice post, K.

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