Destination: Charleston

One of my focal points when in Charleston are the mini-gardens or window boxes filled with leafy caladiums, ivy, night blooming jasmine, snapdragons, mums or kale. We take photographs of the various arrangements and share them with Tony, then we come home to recreate the beauty on the front of our homes. 

Each time we are in Charleston the team must check out the Italianate home called Calhoun Mansion on 16 Meeting Street, which was built during the Gilded Age in 1876. The current owner is a consummate collector of art, objet d’art and every kind of nick-knack that he then stuffs into the house. We visit regularly to see updated artifacts added to the collections, and the latest addition is a mirror found in a diner in Winchester, Virginia. It is absolutely exquisite and a heavy piece, which instead of mounting to the wall, it was propped then secured. Unfortunately, we cannot take photos inside the house so, you must go to experience the premises.

The pig salt and pepper shakers were absolutely adorable, and various animal shakers were set on each table at “Jestines” which is located on 251 Meeting Street. If you enjoy soul food with a lot of soul, you must stop by for a taste. 

We always allow time for stopping in Kaminsky’s the dessert cate located on 78 N Market Street, where fresh pies and cakes are baked daily. This coconut pie was great with a cup of coffee after a day of site-seeing. 

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    1. You will positively love the entire area. The city is not only quaint, but easy to maneuver! And, when you go make the trip stop by Jestine’s on Meeting St., the food is exquisite… it’s the soul of southern food!!!


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