Savannah Style

The joy of walking the “historic district” of Savannah is that food is located everywhere. Brunch on Sunday morning was at Huey’s on the River for their delicious Bloody Mary’s with skewered okra, tomatoes and celery; the crab-cake benedict is something I want to recreate as a holiday breakfast or as an evening meal this summer. Crabcakes and poached eggs are original on their own, but add fried green tomatoes with hollandaise sauce and the dish becomes tastefully authentic. Lastly, one does not leave the restaurant without an order of their N’awlins style doughnuts known as “beignets”. This fritter of square fried dough is served with confectioner’s sugar and a fab bourbon pecan sauce!!!

Caramel apples, fireballs, sweet-tarts were in barrels throughout a multitude of stores along River Street making it difficult to choose.

Stay sweet,

3 Replies to “Savannah Style”

  1. OMG!! Look at that food……….but hold on…….look at that candy store. That’s where you’ll find me, hunkered down with my mouth filled with goodies. Nice pic of you, K. Nice post.

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    1. The entire weekend was spent tasting the treats of the South. We stopped frequently for a cup of coffee, a slice of pie or cake, and each time we saw candy…..loaded up on sweets from our childhood. Remember Charleston Chews, Mary-Jane’s, Red-Hots, Zots, and Sweet Tarts!!! I think we need to schedule another trip for summer!!!


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