Winter Reprieve

Winter has certainly taken its toll in one form or another. If the rain hasn’t drowned out our sanity, the ice and snow have certainly chipped away at our resolve. What’s needed is a temporary respite… a break if you will! Where to you ask …. well someplace much warmer and sunnier… Savannah!

Telmadge Memorial Bridge spans the Savannah River to Hutchinson Island.
Tree lined Emmet Park with Spanish Moss dripping everywhere is parallel to the River.

As I have posted before there are several rituals upon our arrival in Savannah that we must experience. Starting with the all-you-eat can brunch at Pirates House on East Broad Street. When you have to catch an early flight out of DC breakfast is not always option. The okra, collard greens, mac & cheese and fried chicken are absolutely delicious.
After lunch it’s time to walk along River Street, and first stop was into Byrd’s Cookies as “salted caramel” wafted through the air. Once over the threshold you realize the shop is a cookie fanatics dream with a variety of benne wafers, cheddar crisp and baskets filled with treats.
Did I mention our mini-vacation was to experience the taste of the South so, we started by stocking up on baked goods and sweet treats!!!

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8 thoughts on “Winter Reprieve

    1. The Pirates House is a historic tavern and considered haunted. It’s one of the oldest buildings in the state, and while we were lunching tours were taking place. There are “rum cellars’ in the basement that lead to River Street.


  1. That is really nice with the park lined in Spanish Moss trees. I like that look as it gives the park a cozy and comforting feel to it. And just a side note: I would of acted a complete mess in Byrd’s Cookies, likely would have begun eating cookies while I was still inside. Nice post to look at while still dealing with winter here in the mid-Atlantic.

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    1. A few of us were eating the samples in the “cookies jars” at the check out counter while in Byrd’s. Cookies are my absolute favorite treat, and there are so many bakery’s and candy shops to visit!!!!


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